Indian Healing Clay Uses

Indian Healing Clay Uses

Seven Things You Can Use Indian Healing Clay For

Do you know that you can use Indian Healing Clay to tighten your cellulite prone areas?  Using Indian Healing Clay mixed with some organic cider vinegar can turn this ordinary clay into a detoxifier and can help tighten loose skin.  For people who might just think that cellulite problems only affect those who are fat then think again.  There are several factors to consider why some people are likely to be more cellulite prone than others.  Some of these has to do with your sex (being female), genetic makeup, body fat, age and skin thickness.

Not all individuals can attract mosquitoes.  According to research, those people who have large amounts of cholesterol and steroids on their skin surface can make these tiny bloodsuckers flock towards them.  Those who have excessive uric acid can also be a target for these insects as well.  Clay was made into poultice in order to soothe the skin irritations and redness due to bug bites.  Indian Healing clay in powder form, once mixed with water, can create a shield to guard your skin against such insect attacks.  For those who have too much sun exposure, to treat your skin burns you can use poultice made out of this clay with some water.  Do not rub your dry skin hard.  Gently pat it.

Standards of Clay Selection

Not all clay is created equal.  The Bentonite clay, also known as Indian healing clay, belongs to the Smectite family.  This type of clay can absorb as well as gather liquid or gas away.  No wonder why Indian Healing clay is used as antacids too.

Choose Indian healing clay sold by trusted sources like those you may find at  You need to read the reviews made by real users of this wonder clay.  The clay that you will purchase should have an approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Other Uses for Indian Healing Clay

Indian Healing Clay was first use as face masks.  As a face mask, it draws toxins out of your skin such as blackheads, white heads and other skin blemishes and imperfections.  The healing clay can help to tighten your pores.  It can make your skin emit that pinkish glow health glow because it promotes proper blood circulation.  We are barely touching the surface of what this effective clay can do.  This clay is a quicker way to solve your acne issues.

The Bentonite that you find in this clay is something that soaks all the impurities away.  Do not wonder why Bentonite acts just like a big sponge or toxin magnet.  When taken in with high fiber foods, Indian Healing Clay in powder form can clean your colon.  This is a good way to avoid toxins from building inside your body.  For those who have problems with their stinky body odor you can mix this powdered clay or have it directly sprinkled in your foods.  Just never forget that using Indian Healing Clay must go hand in hand with drinking lots of water when taken internally.  For those who might just come across poison oak or poison ivy, a basic home remedy would be to have Indian healing clay at hand.  Every day there are new found uses for this Indian healing clay which makes you realize that there is nothing average about the Aztec Indian Healing Clay after all.

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