Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Indian Healing Clay

The Secret Life of Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Indians are native toCentral Mexico.  They are part of a civilization of nomadic wanderers that are said to be good at inventing things.  These Aztec Indians were credited for inventing calendars, astronomy and mathematical computations but not everybody knows that they made a great contribution in skin care when they introduce the use of Aztec Indian Healing Clay.  The lists of uses for the Aztec Indian Healing Clay was so diverse that even princesses and rulers of their time used this wonder clay to improve their skin condition.  Aztec Indians are well known for their dependence and love for nature and humanity.

Aztecs were adaptable people because even if other tribes try to drive them into swampy shores they make the best of what they were given.  These people are so clever that they took the initiative to look around and astutely observe what nature has to offer.  When the Spaniards arrived to conquer them later on, they were amazed when they saw a thriving sustainable community.  The skin texture of these Aztec people took them by surprise.  Their skin looks flawless.  The big secret was nothing but the Aztec Indian Healing Clay that these tribe used.

Aztec Indian Healing Clay Secrets Revealed

During those times, dermatologists and medical doctors were unheard of.  When first aid was needed for such skin issues as poison ivy bites, skin itch and skin blemishes what comes in handy was the clay that they ground into powder form and mixed with some water to produce a poultice that they could use.  This was known to them as Multani Mitti or healing clay.  Some Aztecs witch doctors mixed this clay with other herbal concoctions.

This Indian healing clay can also be used as a face mask.  Do not be afraid of the slightly warm and muddy sensation, since it is part of the process of organic skin enhancement.  We can safely say that the Aztecs were wiser than they think they were since they used their natural instinct by going back to the basics by using what nature has to offer.

Other Practical Uses for Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Since each person is different from one another, the practical ways of using this Indian healing clay is by observing your skin tone.  If you have a combination skin, it is better to use these twice a week until your skin break out disappears.  If your skin is leaning towards the oily side, it is better to use this healing clay more often.  It is best to use warm water to wash out the clay from your face or any other parts of the body.  Your age is another consideration.  Those who are in their 20’s do not have the same problem as those who are older.  Results can be better when you mix Aztec Indian Healing Clay with apple cider vinegar.  Acne and eczema be gone!  What a relief for those who might have suffered for years from insecurities because of how their skin looks.  Teenagers who suffer from changes in their skin would be the best recipients of this wonder clay.  No wonder people have been using Aztec Indian Healing Clay for years.

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